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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hydrobike?


Hydrobikes have been synonymous with fun & fitness on the water in 74 countries now since our founder invented our pedal powered water bike over 25 years ago. Non polluting, easy to ride, lightweight, safe and stable with 400 lbs flotation, Hydrobikes are enjoyed by everyone from 8-80. They are the choice of US State Parks, Resorts, YMCA, Rental Outlets and more along with thousands worldwide. Proven reliability, low maintenance, and trouble free operation makes Hydrobike Explorer a superior value for your family's enjoyment. The Hydrobike is the ultimate watercraft powered by you. With little effort you can cruise at 5 miles per hour. They are virtually impossible to tip over and they are also GREAT for fishing.


1- Are all the trips guided?

(A) Yes, we are regulated by the Coast Guard for the Channel we cross. For Safety we have a tour guide with you the whole time.


2- Do you offer shorter trips?

(A) Yes, but they are based on time and availability of guide and Hydrobikes. No pre-booking for shorter trips. Just Walk ups. $15 per person for a 30 minute quickie (everyone loves a quickie) and $25 one hour tour.


3- Can you swim and snorkel on your tours? 

(A) Yes, we go over to Christmas Tree Island on our tour and beach the bikes on the island. We have a 100 year old shipwreck 10 yards from the shore, and the area is very shallow. During low tide the starboard side of the wreck is only six feet deep. 


4- Do you provide snorkel gear?

(A) No, with our small size tours it is easier for you to bring your own gear. We do provide snorkel vests, and safety equipment.


5- Can we bring food and drinks?

(A) Yes, we have small box storage on the bikes, drink holders, and have small coolers we can provide you on the bikes. Please remember you will be operating a watercraft and Coast Guard rules do apply. We cannot allow a person who is drunk or intoxicated on the bikes. 


6- Is there a place to get drinks and food at the locations?

(A) Yes, we have Lagerheads Beach Bar and Grill at the beach.


7- Is there parking?

(A) Yes, but it is a small area and fills up very quickly. The parking is also city (PAY TO PARK).


8- What will we see?

(A) The downtown water front of Key West, Sunset Key, Sail boats, a very colorful island with great people living on the 22 acres. Of course, wildlife. Many times on tour we see turtles, manatees, dolphins, conchs, a variety of fish, turtle grass, and amazing water views.


9- Where and when do we check in for the tours?

(A) Check in is at 0 Simonton Street, Simonton Beach, Lagerheads Beach Bar, at the white booth on the southside of the beach. Please be at least 30 min early. We will go over the waivers and provide a safety lesson along with a how to for the Hydrobikes. We leave on time. (Example) If your tours says 12pm. Your check in at 11:30 am ready to leave. 11:45am is the safety lesson and how to. Departure is 12pm. If you are running late please call before your 30 min check in and we will try to rebook you for another trip if space is available.


10- Are there weight and size limits?

(A) Yes, 260 Ibs for the bike, and you must have a 22 inch in seam. 22 inch is around 5 foot tall. If you have questions about your abilities to take the tour please come see us at the beach before you book. We focus on small groups so if you book and cannot ride safely we will not be able to issue a refund. Refunds are 24 hours notice.  This is also with children. We like to take only 18 and up on sunsets, but can make an exception with pre-approval.            


Call to book 305-414-1010


To Guarantee a spot Book Early very limited .

We have 2 Tandems and 2 Singles.


Larger Parties can be accommodated with advance notice.

Our Routes are subject to change due to weather, current tidal conditions , or the guides discretion. 

Check out our Reviews on Face Book and AirBnB.


How stable is a hydrobike?

Very stable on the water, the bikes will not tip over even when the rider is standing or sitting on the side-decks. Hydrobikes are very stable on waves and swells. Even better on the calm waters of Key West's waterways.

Can I walk-up and rent a hydrobike?

Yes, but to make sure you will have a hydrobike please go on our booking page and guarantee yourself you have the bike and time you want. These bikes book fast so please plan ahead.

If I can't swim can I still ride a hydrobikes?

Yes, you don't need to swim, but if you can't, we ask you to wear a life vest during the ride. We recommend being able to swim. You will be on the water and even with the safety of the bikes. Mother Nature is always in control.

Do I need to know how to ride a bike?

No, hydrobikes are very stable and easy to ride.

What should I wear and bring?

Dress for the activities you will be doing. If you are swimming or snorkeling dress to get wet. If you just want to ride and sight see wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Bring water or the drinks of your selection, hydration save your vacation. If snorkeling bring your equipment with you. Getting wet is a possibility. Your shoes have the best chance of getting wet, so wear shoes that you don't mind getting salt water on them or wear sandals with heel straps. We recommend sun screen, sun glasses, hat, water proof camera, and a towel if you plan on getting wet. 


How close to wildlife will we get?  

Hydrobikes are very quite and environmentally safe. You should remain 50 feet away from wildlife and please try not to disturb, chase, or touch the wildlife. Marina life in the Keys are protected by Federal Law.  

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