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VERY SAFE AND STABLE. Travel the waterways of Key West at speeds around 4-6 mph powered by you. Book for an hour, two hours or half the day with our personal rentals options at our four locations in Key West. We also have exciting excursions from our 0 Simonton Beach Location at LagarHeads Beach Bar. We offer Snorkeling, Wreck Dive off Christmas Island Beach, amazing wildlife, and of course Sunsets with our Glow Bike tours. Hydrobikes are great for every age and even your pets can travel along for a ride. Best part you never get wet! Unless you want to.


Personal Rentals Marriott Beachside. VERY Safe and Stable even on waves.

We do require past watersports experience for personal rentals. Not required at the Marriott Beachside


Open 10 am - 4 pm

$50 an Hour

Book at Barefoot Billy Booth Only

Walk-Ups Are Welcome /Booth Deals Daily

1st of it's kind and only offered by Key West HydroBikes. Elevate your experience on the water.

Leaving from 0 Simonton St - Lagerheads Beach Bar. A guided tour out to Christmas Island with snorkel rental included if needed. If you would like, you can snorkel the 100 year wreak off the beach, walk around the only protected castaway island, sit under our shaded and have a picnic - we have food from our bar and grill, and while in the water we commonly we see sharks, stingrays, snapper, starfish, barracuda, sea cucumbers, parrot fish, and we even let you hold a jellyfish. Meet the Castaways on the Island. See their art and love for the island.  

Two Options:

Quick Guided Hour Tour                            $25 for 1 Hour


Only if Bikes are available at Lagerheads. We will provide a guide for you to follow, see the wreck, walk the island, and ride back to the beach. Only time to swim around the waters of the island. Sorry no time to snorkel.


Guided Tours (Must Book in advance)

Walk ups to fill open spots

Leaves 10 am, 12 pm, & 2 pm 

                                                 $30 for 1 1/2 Hours


You will be provided a guide to explain to you the wildlife, the history, and to take you around the waterways, islands, and sandbars. The guide will be your photography and you can select your pictures off our Facebook page to save from your trip (FREE of Charge). This requires a minimum of two riders and a 24 hour booking notice. We hold a $12.50 fee for cancellations less than 24 hours per rider. Parties smaller than four can call and make arrangements.

Leaving from 0 Simonton St - Lagerheads Beach Bar get a drink from LagerHeads - We have two drink holders on the bikes. Get two drinks. We begin with a breathtaking peddle to the most watched Key West Sunset location on the island, but you get to watch on the water. After the Sun goes down we turn the lights on your Hydrobike and the Glow Party begins for the return. Music and a Great Guide takes you by Key West hot spots. The guide will be your photography and you can select your pictures off our Facebook page to save from your trip.


Leaves 5:00 pm - Sunset (Varies with seasons)

                                                   $39 for 60 to 90 mins

Save $5 if you book online 


The Only Public Beach in Down town Key West, Lagerheads Beach Bar, The Most Popular Beach Bar in Key West. Now renting Hydrobikes in Key West. Excursions offered daily. Snorkel rentals available, Beach Lounge Chairs for $10 and umbrellas. Great Food, Music, Games, and Top Staff.                

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